More Reporters Are Creating Their Own Blogs & Websites

Google “Tim Harper” and the first thing you’ll find is his website. The freelance writer, author and journalism instructor’s busy site includes an archive of his articles, a bio, contact information and even journal-type entries chronicling trips he’s taken.

Harper started the site in the late 1990s to promote his books, but soon realized it “could be used for all my work, for building my brand as an author, freelance journalist, editorial/publishing consultant and part-time professor. I put up more and more samples of my work as editors and prospective clients became more and more likely to say, ‘What’s your website?’ instead of ‘Can you send me some clips?’”

Harper may have been something of a pioneer. But given the turmoil facing the news business, more and more reporters are starting their own websites or blogs, driven by the need not just to archive their work, but to create an online presence - a brand - for themselves.